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Redefining time. We have developed three separate solutions to attend every need. From Sir Bradley Wiggins Hour Record to BMX racing, we have done it all! Don’t be afraid to contact us for specific inquiries. If you need a time keeping solution, we can do it.

Daily Training Environment

A revolutionary time-keeping software that allows coaches and athletes to analyze individual and collective time performance. A must-have for teams, coaches, and facilities for time keeping, strategy planning, and performance optimization.

Portable Timing System

Its name says it all, a timing system you can carry around. Whether you are at a velodrome, a BMX course, or any other race, the portable timing system offers a solution to all of your time keeping needs anywhere you go!

Customizable Dashboards

Everyone has different needs and requirements. Alphamantis offers a solution for everyone, no matter what your needs are we will make it happen. Time keeping is just one of the many features of our data collecting solution.

Daily Training Environment

A new way to train and race

The Daily Training Environment is a web based time analysis tool, that allows you to enter the cyclists participating in the training session or race and assign a unique chip to each one. The software gets updated live every lap and arranges cyclists in the order they are currently at. This tool has been very useful in training and identifying improvements for cyclists and teams, once you try it you will say goodbye to handheld chronometers!

This system can be accessed from any computer or mobile device connected to the internet, and you can access and save old training sessions for analysis and comparison. The Daily Training Environment will change the way you train or coach forever!

Number of athletes that can be synced and tracked simultaneously

Number of Alphamantis Daily Training Environment enabled facilities, and growing fast!

Seconds it takes to add each rider to the system and start tracking

Portable Timing System

BMX racing, velodrome events, mountain races. These are a few examples of where our clients used the Portable Timing System. We offer a complete solution to your timing needs anywhere you go, just plug, sync and race! The data collected will be fed to your Daily Training Environment for time keeping and analysis. They have been designed to work seamlessly so you only have to worry about your event and not on the timing!

Customizable Dashboards

Data is gathered through an Alphamantis Bridge that the athletes will carry through the event, this Bridge will collect and process information for better analysis by the software.

Data from the cyclist, the bike, the track and the environment is gathered and filtered to show a real time dashboard with the information you need. We get rid of the noise to make sure you can focus on what really matters and help you achieve your goal!

This tool is able to track what is happening across the whole race path and update its information in real time from any point via wireless connection. Several data gathering points can be set along a track to allow for even more accurate data keeping.

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