Discover why our products are changing the world of cycling:

Track Aero System (TAS)

Our revolutionary aerodynamic testing software takes the cyclists out of the wind tunnel and on a track to test you while you ride your bike in natural conditions. Our software outputs real time data for immediate analysis so you can get faster as soon as you get on your bike!

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Number of teams in the 2015 Tour de France that have tested with the TAS

Number of testing partners providing aero tests with the TAS

National teams that train with the TAS for Rio 2016

Individual test runs performed by Alphamantis partners

Check out our new partnership with Team Sky and our Track Aero System:

Timing System

Say goodbye to handheld stopwatches or simple digital timers. We are the future (or present) of timing, ¬†we developed a timing solution where accurate time keeping is just one of the many features we provide. We gather so much data it would be impossible to decribe it all here. Oh and did we mention this can be done for up to 10 athletes simultaneously? So wether you are training in groups or you use it for race day, we got you covered. Yeah, it’s hard to believe but “impossible” is just our middle name!

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Number of simultaneous athletes that can be tracked

Alphamantis dashboards used at Hour Records

Different data collected by our system


Data collection precision