Alphamantis’ System Recorded Jens’ Aerodynamics (CdA), Power and Speed in Real Time 

The Alphamantis Track Aero System Caught on Camera as Jens Raced to the One Hour Record

The Alphamantis Track Aero System Caught on Camera as Jens Raced to the One Hour Record

Montreal, CAN — The Alphamantis Track Aero System was used to track Jens Voigt’s aerodynamics (CdA), power and speed in real time throughout his record-breaking one hour ride. Jens cracked the hour record by covering a total of 51.115 km, as engineers from Trek closely watched monitors displaying numbers including laps, speed, power and CdA captured by the Alphamantis technology.

Alphamantis’ cutting edge Track Aero System (TAS), “wind tunnel testing in the real world,” is a dynamic system that records aerodynamics (the coefficient of drag, or CdA) while an athlete is riding and provides a significant amount of data that can be used to improve performance and help athletes achieve the highest level.

Alphamantis Technology in use at the Los Angeles VELO Sports Center

Alphamantis’ lead aerodynamicist, Andy Froncioni, said, “We are thrilled to see our technology being used on the world stage to set a record that has stood for so many years. When UCI announced the regulation changes for the hour record, I predicted that we would very soon see that record shattered — and that Jens would handily break Sosenka’s record. Jens was truly the man for the job today!

“When setting a record like this, obviously you need to put out massive power, but at this level, aerodynamics plays a major role as well — even a small reduction in drag can make an enormous difference in speed.”

In addition to being used by major cycling brands for testing purposes, Alphamantis Technologies offers aerodynamic testing around the world at a growing number of facilities.

“The Alphamantis system has been used to help athletes of all levels achieve their best performances, and today is no exception,” said Alan Clack, CEO and co-founder of Alphamantis Technologies. “We are excited that our technology was used to track Jens’ tremendous effort, and we congratulate him and his team for such an awe-inspiring accomplishment.”

About Aero Testing with the Alphamantis TAS: During an aero test, athletes work together with a bike fit professional using the Alphamantis TAS to identify the optimal bike fit position and equipment choices. First, the bike fitter will record an athlete’s position, measure baseline CdA and identify areas of possible improvement, in addition to defining potential bio-mechanical limits to certain fit options. Then, through the course of the aero test, the fit specialist will test various positions and/or equipment options to ensure an athlete attains the lowest possible drag with proper bio-mechanical position while the athlete rides his/her bike. Approximately four to five changes per hour can be measured.

About Alphamantis Technologies: Alphamantis is a Montreal-based sports technology company and the creator of the Alphamantis Track Aero System, which is the only aerodynamic measurement system of its kind available outside a wind tunnel, bringing accuracy, precision and results within reach for athletes of all levels. The company has partnered with Retül and PowerTap to provide this technology for the first time around the world, starting with velodromes in the US, Australia and Europe. For More information, visit