Ballerup, Denmark, March 28, 2014 — Alphamantis Technologies, a high performance sports technology company, together with the Ballerup Super Arena and Nicolai Norrid, Retül Instructor, Master Fitter and owner of Coach & Bikefit, announced their partnership to provide aero fitting services in Europe with the Track Aero System (TAS) from Alphamantis – “wind tunnel testing in the real world.”

This partnership of Alphamantis with Coach & Bikefit and Ballerup Super Arena
offers athletes of all levels the opportunity to be aero tested with accuracy that has typically been restricted to the wind tunnel.

Alphamantis’ cutting-edge technology and timing system allows for real time measurements of air resistance (the coefficient of drag, or CdA(1)). By capturing this data while the athlete is in motion, Alphamantis’ system has increased accuracy that translates to the road, enabling athletes to achieve the most aero-optimized bike fit and choose the best equipment for their aerodynamics. This system was originally launched at the VELO Sports Center in Los Angeles.

Alphamantis’ Chief Technology Officer, Andy Froncioni, notes that aerodynamics makes up the majority of the force slowing down an athlete; even a small reduction in drag makes a huge difference in speed.

Nicolai Norrid said, “Air resistance has always played a big role in road, time trial and triathlon bikefit. The challenge for bikefitters, position coaches and athletes has been that it was impossible to measure the data with significant accuracy outside the wind tunnel – until now. With TAS it is possible to test differences in equipment, position and posture changes in real time and offer the ultimate setup for the athlete.”

This partnership with Ballerup Super Arena and Coach & Bikefit marks Alphamantis’ first steps in the European market. Coach & Bikefit will be the only provider of Aero testing measured with the Alphamantis Track Aero System in Europe at the moment.

About Alphamantis:  Alphamantis Technologies is a Montreal-based sports technology company and the creator of the Alphamantis Track Aero System, which is the only aerodynamic measurement system of its kind available outside a wind tunnel, bringing accuracy, precision and results within reach for athletes of all levels.  The company has partnered with Retül and PowerTap to provide this technology for the first time around the world, starting with velodromes in the US, Australia and Europe.

About Coach & Bikefit: Nicolai Norrid, Master bike fitter and Retül instructor, launched Coach & Bikefit over 6 years ago to offer the best possibilities for optimization position, posture and equipment setup for the athlete on the bike. Using 3D motion technology for fitting and capturing biomechanical data and now the Alphamantis TAS system, Coach & Bike Fit offers comprehensive testing to help athletes reach their optimal performance. For more information, visit