Alphamantis Technologies, a sports technology company and creator of leading aerodynamics testing equipment, together with Retül, the Boulder-based manufacturer of advanced bike fit technology and leader in bike fit education have collaborated to create the bike industry’s first education offering that combines bike fit principles with aerodynamic testing.

Offered under the Retül University bike fit education program, the Positioned for Speed course will focus on bike fit and aerodynamic principles including the relationship between power, velocity and drag, UCI legal time trial and track positioning and equipment selection. Market leader PowerTap has been selected as the official power meter for the Positioned for Speed course and will be used at all Alphamantis testing centers.

“PowerTap has invested in this area of research and testing for 15 years,” said Todd Carver, Chief Fit and Education Officer at Retül. “It’s accurate, it’s scientifically proven and it’s teachable. Using PowerTap with Alphamantis technology is exactly what we need for a proper aero testing protocol on the track.”

Photo: Retül

Photo: Retül

Based on years of research, Carver believes that riding over ground is the most effective way to measure and learn about aerodynamics, and that testing in a controlled setting such as on the track creates a real-life scenario not always found in the wind tunnel.

“You can teach from a more fundamental perspective,” Carver said. “What we want to achieve with this program is to take what we know from our experience with the highest ranks of professional cyclists and triathletes, and use that information to teach others how to apply the science with their athletes.”

For a cyclist, aerodynamic testing on a track can be more affordable and accessible than testing at a wind tunnel. Sessions at testing sites in the Positioned for Speed Network will include a bike fit for an aerodynamic and sustainable riding position as well as equipment testing including helmet selection, water bottle placement and clothing choices.

“Optimizing a rider’s position on the bike can make the biggest difference in lowering drag and improving performance,” said Andy Froncioni of Alphamantis. “Partnering our aero test operators with well-trained fitters provides cyclists an incredible opportunity to maximize aero efficiency and sustainability.”

To gain the most benefit from the Positioned for Speed course, attendees should have commercial bike fit experience and be certified through a bike fit program such as Retül University, SBCU, FIST or SICI. Coaches and bike fit professionals who complete the Positioned for Speed course will have access to Alphamantis testing sites to conduct camps or single client sessions.

Throughout 2014, Retül University and Alphamantis will offer a limited number of training sessions at select locations around the world including the VELO Sports Center in Los Angeles June 3 and 4.

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