Alphamantis Aero Testing Available Worldwide

Montreal, CAN — Continuing to expand its presence and offer aero testing services worldwide, Alphamantis Technologies today announced its partnership with the Amsterdam Velodrome and Jim van den Berg, co-owner of Robic, a full-service coaching company for cyclists. This partnership brings aero testing services to The Netherlands and Europe for the first time. Alphamantis’ cutting edge Track Aero System (TAS), “wind tunnel testing in the real world,” is now available on four continents and eight installations worldwide, with more coming soon.

“We are excited to continue expanding aero testing services globally,” said Alan Clack, CEO and co-founder of Alphamantis Technologies. “Alphamantis’ cutting-edge technology and timing system allows for real time measurements of drag, which has proven results for athletes of all levels. Capturing this data while the athlete is in motion provides results that accurately translate to the road. This makes it easy for athletes to achieve the fastest bike position and the best equipment options for their individual needs.

Alphamantis’ aerodynamicist, Andy Froncioni, notes that aerodynamics makes up the majority of the force slowing down an athlete; even a small reduction in drag (the coefficient of drag, or CdA) makes a huge difference in speed.

“Using Alphamantis’ system, we have discovered that even small changes like the position of a bottle carrier can be measured. These aero tests not only provide our athletes with the same information a wind tunnel offers but also allows us to make sure a cyclist can maintain the more aerodynamic posture while riding, even for longer periods of time,” said Jim van den Berg, co-owner of Robic.

Robic’s co-owner Leon Burger added that the Alphamantis system will make aero testing more accessible for triathletes and cyclists, as testing can be offered at competitive, team rates in a convenient location in The Netherlands.

“Many teams only take their two or three best time trialists to wind tunnels for testing, but now it’s possible to test the whole team. We predict that cyclists will no longer only look at Watts per kilo but also at Watts per CdA. CdA is the measure from frontal surface and drag coefficient and basically determines how aero you are”, said Burger.

About Robic: Robic offers personalized training plans, exercise tests, bike fitting services and now aero testing for cyclists and triathletes of all levels. Robic’s main objective is to help cyclists improve and maximize performance. Starting May 2014, athletes can book aero tests online at

About Aero Testing with the Alphamantis TAS: During an aero test, athletes work together with a bike fit professional using the Alphamantis TAS to identify the optimal bike fit position and equipment choices. First, the bike fitter will record an athlete’s position, measure baseline CdA and identify areas of possible improvement, in addition to defining potential bio-mechanical limits to certain fit options. Then, through the course of the aero test, the fit specialist will test various positions and/or equipment options to ensure an athlete attains the lowest possible drag with proper bio-mechanical position while the athlete rides his/her bike. Approximately four to five changes per hour can be measured.

In Amsterdam, a one rider test costs €599 euros, and if two riders are tested simultaneously, the price is a discounted €499 euros. In the near future Robic anticipates additionally offering Aero Camps, which includes a whole day of testing and workshops with six cyclists at a time.

About the Amsterdam Velodrome: The Amsterdam Velodrome is situated in the centre of The Netherlands, only 5 minutes away from Holland’s main airport, Schiphol. The Velodrome is part of the Amsterdam Cycling Campus, which includes multiple cycling clubs, a bicycle shop, a vocational school for bike mechanics, a 2.5 km outside track and the human movement scientists and coaches at Robic.

About Alphamantis Technologies: Alphamantis is a Montreal-based sports technology company and the creator of the Alphamantis Track Aero System, which is the only aerodynamic measurement system of its kind available outside a wind tunnel, bringing accuracy, precision and results within reach for athletes of all levels. The company has partnered with Retül and PowerTap to provide this technology for the first time around the world, starting with velodromes in the US, Australia and Europe.