Using Alphamantis Technologies’ Track Aero System, our testing partner AeroCoach joined forces with Cycling Weekly to test and compare the effects on drag of an aero helmet vs. a road helmet. While specific results are very dependent on the person who is riding, it is common to assume that the aero helmet will be better for reducing drag. However, this does not always hold true, for example, when crosswinds are strong the extended design of an aero helmet could add some resistance, or when the cyclist looks straight down the helmet’s back will be raised increasing drag.

The Track Aero System (TAS) is a cutting edge technology that allows real time testing of aerodynamic efficiency while you are riding. The system measures a cyclists’ CdA (coefficient of drag) as they ride in real time, enabling us to conclusively determine the optimal position and equipment combination for you and your bike, ultimately improving your performance. This is what was used in this test to determine which of both helmets would be faster, our system also indicates the amount of drag reduced from switching from one helmet to another, and how much time would that save you over a certain distance ridden.

So it is safe to say that wearing an aero helmet will be better than a road helmet with low wind conditions. Or is it the other way around? Watch the video in the link below to find the answer.

Aero helmet vs. road helmet test


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