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I found my AERO. Will you?

Alphamantis is bringing speed into the world of cycling, let us help you #FindYourAERO

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We are a bunch of scientists, engineers and bike lovers who have developed a passion for speed and aerodynamics. In 2011 we started Alphamantis Technologies in Montreal, Canada, with the goal of revolutionizing vehicle dynamics research and development.  You may catch us in the office wearing our aero helmet or tight skin suits, but we do it in the name of research!

While developing our technology, the first focus has been to test vehicle dynamics in the cycling world, including track, road, and triathlon. Our system offers the precision and result-based solutions that can measurably increase performance. From product testing to athlete testing, our system is helping cyclists around the world achieve their goals.


It is not only our tagline but our motivation to help every athlete out there find their fastest self. Alphamantis is all about excellence and performance, we proud ourselves on providing our clients with the most personalized and professional service.

We bring the tools that were previously only available to pros, to any serious cyclist that is looking for the best. Aerodynamics and performance are very personal and independent subjects so we find what works best for you. Together we will find your aero!

The A-Team:


Alan Clack

Alan Clack

Administration and Business Development

MBA, Wharton and MA, UPENN

Former Boston Consulting Group management consultant

Former CEO, CFO, and current Board Member

Experienced fund raiser and entrepreneur

All-American swimmer, English Channel Soloist

Josef Gebel

Josef Gebel

Software Development

Ph.D., University of Saarland, Germany (Mathematics)

Mathematical algorithm specialist

Extensive experience in project management

25 years experience in s/w design and development

Former VP of Research & Development, Team Leader

Andy Froncioni

Andy Froncioni

Aerodynamics and Physiology

Ph.D. Rutgers, (Aerospace and Mech. Eng)

Developed Aerolab, a popular aero analysis package for top-level coaches

Extensive experience in project management

Accomplished distance cyclist

Coached Race Across America 4th Place Finisher in 2010

Allan Kobelansky

Allan Kobelansky

Engineering and Prototyping

B.Eng (Electrical and Computer Engineering) 1983

M.Eng (Electrical) 1986, McGill University

30+ years writing and designing software/hardware/firmware

Held international management positions with recognized High Tech Companies in Canada and the U.S.

Telecom and Information Technology Expert

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Bike lovers




Bike to work


Former elite athletes

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