The future of cycling is here!


Alphamantis is now Team Sky’s official supplier of aerodynamic testing services

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Real-time Aero Testing

Alphamantis is the world’s leader in aerodynamic testing outside of a wind tunnel. So you get to ride your bike in real life conditions and obtain real life results!

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Timing System

We are also changing time! Alphamantis has partnered with MyLaps to bring a timing software that allows tracks, and teams to change the way time is kept. With our telemetry system for data collection we provide more than just a chronometer, our timing system is an integrated solution for real-time data collection and analysis.

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Daily Training Environment

This software allows teams, coaches, and athletes gather, segment, and analyze performance data in an integrated platform. It is the ultimate tool for training due to its high level of customization across different sports and multi-device compatibility (tablet, smartphone, track-side monitor, and computer).

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Our technology is changing the world of cycling!

The best thing since the invention of bikes is here! By teaming up with the world’s top manufacturers, fit partners, and pro teams we optimize the way athletes train and compete.  From aerodynamics to precision timing, we provide real-time reliable data that is changing the very core of cycling!

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We are developing another game-changer, we won’t say much about it even if we’ve had a couple of beers. All we can say is it will be what landing on the moon was for space exploration but for cycling! Stay tuned for our updates.

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Behind our products there are years of research and development. Our team of scientists, engineers, and athletes work together to bring you the most reliable products in the market.


Cyclists from all over the world have seen an average reduction in drag of 3-6% that’s upwards of 60 seconds saved in a 40km race!

Our Partners

Our services are offered mostly through fitting partners around the world. We are increasing the number of testing partners so we can be closer to you.


We listen to what our clients want and need, that is why our services can be customized to meet everyone’s needs. From pro teams to amateur triathletes we have exactly what you need!



By turning data into performance insight, our ultimate goal is to make you faster and help you understand why

What our customers are saying

Nothing makes us happier than a faster client!

The system you have developed has become an instrumental tool in our daily training… Our improvement this past year, especially pacing and managing speed changes have seen a monumental leap, much in part to the work that you have done.

Craig Griffin

Track Endurance Coach, Canada's Women's National Team

It’s through the gathering of this type of scientific data, coupled with the world’s best athletes’ feedback that we will be able to constantly fine-tune our products. This goes for high-level riders as well as those who bike for the fun of it.

Gervais Rioux

President and Founder, Argon 18

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